December 31, 2020


HigherPortal is a collection of weblogs that can be accessed from here.

ApreZen are occasional reflections following meditation sessions that I attend from time to time at the Pacific Zen Institute in Santa Rosa, CA.

FilmOnDeepWater is a blog on the deeper meaning of everyday words.

Meditation is, well some meditations.

tFdL is a personal blog I write that reflects some of my research as a Fellow at The Whitman Institute in San Francisco. tFdL is not an official blog of the institute and the opinions there are my own.

Here is the link to The Whitman Institute Blog.

Finally, Archive2003, includes a few "dispatches" from the early days of "Shock and Awe".

I hope you enjoy browsing through these weblogs as much as I enjoy working on them!

Edd Conboy

If you want, you can e-mail me at edd(at)HigherPortal(dot)net

(The posting date is not a typo. It is the only way I can keep the copy on this page viewable... a limitation of the Internets!)

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