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September 24, 2007

New Video Site on the Web Shows Great Promise

Thumbnail image for fora-thumb-350x240.jpgWhat if videos were available on your desktop that captured some of the best minds and most creative thinking in the culture today? Speeches, presentations and seminars on politics, religion, and the arts, business, education, government, science and technology - the whole enchilada. Or perhaps on a topic of particular interest to The Whitman Institute - philanthropy - on their Giving Channel.

How about interviews from think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, or Brookings, the Commonwealth Clubs and the Carnegie Endowment? And then how about tapes of leading authors on book tours around the country would also be great to have? And then maybe transcripts of the videos with word search capability so you don't have to watch the whole presentation to get to the most interesting bits.

Well of course after that pitch such a site is already up and running on a desktop near you. Just go to fora.tv and browse around for a bit. But be careful, before you know it an hour will have gone by as you become engrossed in watching a conversation unfold that you wish you had been to in person.


September 6, 2007

TWI Grantee: Youth Dialogue Project Video

ThumbnailServer2.jpg The video, Conversations for Change, shows how theYouth Dialogue Project was a vital part of the RockRose Institute's World Forum 2007 held in San Francisco earlier this year. The youth dialogue component, partially underwritten by TWI, made it possible for youth from five different parts of the world - South Africa, New Zealand, Cyprus, Denmark and the US - to stay in dialogue with each other throughout the year in some very innovative ways. Then they came together in San Francisco to learn more in-depth dialogue skills and techniques, and to share their learning with other participants of the forum.

The video very effectively captures a model for intergenerational sustainability. It is 16 minutes in length, and well worth the time investment. Here's the link.