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Important Article About Early Days at Guantanamo

0_61_guantanamo_bay.jpgKaren Greenberg, the executive director at NYU's Center on Law and Security, has published a piece in the Washington Post about the early days of the detainee camp at Guantanamo.  It seems that the military got it right in the beginning - it was able to make consistently wise and measured decisions even in the stressful times that many have said made such decision making impossible.

Here is the link.

For more on the current situation the Obama administration is faced with as they plan to close Guantanamo see John Cole's post here.  He asserts that:
"The moral of this story is not the danger for Obama going forward with his Gitmo decommissioning, the moral is that when venal, shallow, small men are given unfettered power and authority, they do incompetent, stupid, and evil things."


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