July 17, 2007

Three Questions to Help Make California a Healthier State

CA_map.jpgQ1: Will you be in California on Saturday, August 11th? Q2: Do you care about reforming California's health care system? Q3: Do you want to send a message to state leaders about what the priorities should be? OK, four questions really... And are you an experienced facilitator?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then CaliforniaSpeaks is looking for you to become a volunteer table facilitator at one of eight sites that day - from San Diego to Humboldt County - for a "State-Wide Conversation".

Here's what volunteer facilitators will do at these conversations:

Facilitators will work with small groups of 6-10 people to deliberate about a series of questions pertaining to health care reform proposals. Via laptop computers and keypad polling devices, individual tables will share the results of their conversations with the hundreds of participants in the room and in other cities. Facilitators will be oriented to the program and are expected to have experience with small group face-to-face deliberation, comfort with diversity and difference of opinion. The time commitment entails attendance at a two-hour orientation prior to the event, as well as all day on August 11.

[Editor Note: A great resume builder, and a fabulous networking opportunity.]

Register to be a volunteer facilitator here.

Here is some information about the national organization, AmericaSpeaks:

CaliforniaSpeaks is a project of AmericaSpeaks, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission of providing Americans with a greater voice in the most important decisions that affect their lives. Most recently, AmericaSpeaks convened thousands of New Orleanians to create their city's recovery plan. AmericaSpeaks has engaged more than 130,000 citizens across the country on such topics as shaping municipal budget priorities in Washington, D.C., creating regional plans for the greater Chicago and Cleveland regions, and developing rebuilding plans for the World Trade Center site in New York City.
Click here for more about AmericaSpeaks.